Welcome in our new webshop.

At the moment there's just part of our collection available in our new webshop. In the coming days and weeks there will be much more products and categories added.
To make this possible, every evening our webshop will not be available from 23:00 until the next morning 07:00.

We hope to give you our full collection shortly.




No special products at this time.
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  • Missing Articles

    Our new webshop isn't finished yet. Lots of products and product categories are missing. Also the translations aren't finished. We are working very hard to get everything right.

Trade Shows

No shipping of orders during Trade Shows

During Trade Shows there will be no shipping of orders. Our webshop always has the current situation of stock. You can always place your order, the products will be obtained from the show floor immediately.

The next period there will be no shipments:

September 8th 'til September 11th.